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Number Story of 911  December 2009

Ever since the 911 tragedy in New York, I have been dealing with the numbers 911 all the time.  It all started with the actual day of horrible events.  
I was in high school at the time in algebra II class when we all found out what happened.   The freakiest part about it was I was wearing a white tank
top with the image of the twin towers on it!  I felt so weird to be wearing that shirt.  I was thinking to myself that of all the shirts I could have been
wearing that day,  I was wearing that one!

Anyways, to make a long story short, every day since then, no lie, I have seen the numbers 9:11 on the clock!  If I do not see the numbers in the a.m. I
am guaranteed to see the numbers on my clock in the p.m.  I don't think that seeing these numbers are a sign that bad things are going to happen.  
I feel that this is a weird occurrence dealing with time and the mind.  What do numbers to humans really mean???


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Number Story of 911  April 2009 

For the last six years I have been seeing reoccurring numbers. It all started with 9:11, I use to see it everywhere. In the beginning
it didn't bother me until I saw the numbers on every clock and the freakiest part was some clocks were off by 20 mins... & even if
I walked into that room it would
be still 9:11...

Then it became everything 11. 5:11, 11:11 any combo with 11. What I learned over the years is to listen to your intuition. Stop & think
at that moment what it is you were thinking & saying and most of the time you will catch yourself saying something & checking the
time at the same time... and it just happens to be the reoccurring numbers you've been seeing.... I think there's a 'special' connection
between 'some' people & the divine. I believe that the divine world is 'warning' people to be more aware of themselves & their
surroundings. They can only reach us through energies...

The whole world is made up of numbers... meaning the vibrations of sound, Anything is made up of numbers...think of it this way,
even as I sit here & type... the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard resonates sound. To actually write down this sound it would
be in numbers to the  electric' world.  Its so hard to explain, But I have a theory...Is it possible that the divine world can only connect
with the living (us) through numbers? I say yes.   Anything, mathematic... So for instance music, radio's any form of energy.…

We are full of energies that we present to the world each day when we wake up, good or bad. When we see reoccurring numbers it's
because they're trying to tell you something and your not listening. I call them my angels. And I used to go crazy thinking...I am crazy!!
But once I accepted this number seeing & turned it into a positive and made the number 11 my good luck number I see 9:11 rarely...
more 11:11 and other patterns. I f I see 9:11 I take that as a warning and I stop and listen to what I'm doing or saying and try to correct
myself. 11:11 like most I make a wish or pray to God give thanks... It's a time I believe the world & the divine world is wide open for that
minute to cherish positive in your life.

I have learned to live with this everyday of my life. Not many people will understand what your going through. They think its fake or your
out of your mind... Trust me you will find that you will attract people just like you. I believe only a handful god has pretty big hands) ;)
will get to experience this... consider ourselves special people. You have a gift, learn how to control it & use it to benefit you.

Valerie, Toronto Canada

Story of 911  April 2009

Ok, now I really know Im not alone. I started seeing the number 911 around 2002. On exactly 9/11/2002 I witnessed a very violent
fight that ended very tragically.

Thereafter I would see the number 911 usually on any clock I glanced at. One night  I was in  my car and glanced at the clock, it
read  9:11pm , suddenly I look up to the street and saw a couple get into a motorcycle accident. They rolled down the street like
2 rag dolls. After that I started getting scared that it was some type of warning something bad was going to happen.

My ex-boyfriend was a ticking time bomb, on a night I would see 911 on a clock, mileage counter anything that had numbers,
I knew we would have a bad fight on that day or night. Ill be at work, my eyes will dart to the phone, 911. I will say to myself "ok
I will not see 911 today on the clock" ok I won't, but then I'll  get an email or instant message pop up on my screen, guess what
the mark time is?? YOU GO IT…. 911.   I hate it. Obviously it disturbs me and  did a search for this phenomena. I am glad to say
that lately the 911 thing is kind of dying down...who knows when it will start back up again though.

To everyone out there, you are
definitely not alone.......

Truly yours Krystal
Florida  USA

Story of 911 - February  2009

I first started seeing 911 about mid high school. I do not know why. I  never look for it. I do anything but want to find it. It is as
if it finds me. I see 911 almost every day, somehow or another. Some numbers I see even make 911 without complexity. As
if seeing it isn't too much already, I just did my tax return and sure enough I got back $911.

The next night I was having trouble going to sleep so I was doing math in my head. Yes, I am somewhat of a nerd. I figured I
would start with some simple subtraction. I picked two random numbers and proceeded. 2588-1677=911.  Freaked out I decided
to retire the math for the night. I glanced the clock to see what time it was; 3:42. Which breaks down to: 3+4+2=9   3+(4x2)=11.
I don't know what is going on but II don't like it.

But like the rest of you I am glad I am not the only one who sees it.  Sometimes my phone will vibrate so i will pull it out to read
the message. There is no message though, but sure enough it will be 9:11. I am forced to see this number. It is very disturbing.

I want to get to the bottom of it so it will LEAVE ME ALONE!

Bill, Texas USA

911 Story  - January 2009

I have been seeing the numbers 911 again. It started about 4 or 5 years ago at my old house. It freaked me out because I thought
something bad was going to happen when ever I would look @ the clock on the stove it was 9:11. This went on for a while and then
stopped, Now 5 years later it has stared again this  week I have seen it 4 times in the AM and one time in the PM.

I told a guy at work about it and he said I should play pick 3 lotto instead of thinking it was something bad. NO luck so far. tonight
I asked my wife if she has ever looked @ the clock on the stove and kept seeing the same time she said YES I asked her what time
did it say? I NEVER TOLD HER what I was seeing. she said 9:11. I sat up and bed and WHAT your kidding me right..? she said no
she said it was doing it to her about a year ago.  so then I got up and got on the net to see if I could find anything on it. Now here I
am writing this still not sure what it means but glad to see I am not the only one finding this weird. if the clock said any other number
I would not be as worried about. why not 4:20 it has meaning to me and I don't see 5 time plus a week?

Brian - USA - California

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